Wednesday, March 17


It has been some time since i've updated this blog. And I will be getting back into it, and that being said, i've got some exciting news to tell. I have starting developing the first episode of my podcast! It is going to be called The FreeThinker's Forum, and will focus on science and philosophy. Co-hosting the podcast will be my good friend, Anthony Todd. Please follow the blog for the podcast, as I am frequently updating. Expected launch date of the first episode is late the first week of April. Go to to check it out.

For St. Patrick's Day, Shelli cooked a delicious vegan version of Irish Corned Beef and Cabbage. Obviously the "beef" wasn't beef, but it was pretty close considering the meat was basically vital wheat gluten, aka wheat meat.

Now I have to do some chemistry homework. Yay!


Monday, October 12

Out of Focus

Ever been out with your family/friends/significant other, and try to get a picture with them but every shot comes out blurry, "action", or off centered? That is how my weekend was. Except I was not on a fun outing with friends or family taking memorable pictures. I was home in my pants trying to do school work, and not succeeding. First I slept in way too late. Second, I kept taking cat naps. Third I played too much World of Warcraft. It was all I could do to make myself read two chapters in my communications book and take an online quiz. This happens often. I had ADHD as a child, and it still affects me as an adult. Some days I have such a hard time focusing on anything. Today, although I did procrastinate a little when I got home, I have been researching for two hours and found some good stuff. So tomorrow I will be able to finish my outline for the speech I have this weekend and begin my rough draft for my government paper. Hooray for getting work done!


Tuesday, October 6

The Procrastination Bug Bites Hard

Here is what I intended to do today: wake up and eat breakfast, go for a run, mow the lawn, head to the campus library around noon thirty and accomplish: research, math homework, study for government test.

Here is what I actually did today: slept in, got discouraged that World of Warcraft was under maintenance, laid in bed and fell back asleep, putz'd around on the internet and put off leaving until almost 2pm. I did get some significant research done and studied aplenty for my test. But I wasn't nearly as productive as I wanted to be. I didn't even do the dishes.

Maybe I should shake my procrastination is a virtue philosophy :p


Monday, October 5

Contests... yyaaaay!

I learned today that VCC offers a contest for writing and artwork, and anyone can submit in all or any of the categories: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and art. For fiction, I am thinking of writing either a side story or an epilogue to my NaNoWriMo novel idea. Non-fiction I am going to submit an essay I started writing called "A Quark Among the Stars" which is a narrative about the beauty of the universe. Poetry, I have a couple of pieces intended to be song lyrics that I may submit. For artwork, I will submit several of my space paintings (you can submit up to 7 pieces). The winner in each category gets $100 and publication in VCC west campus' magazine on the arts. I don't really have any hopes of winning, but I think it would be fun to try. At the very least it will stimulate my creativity and get me writing again.

In other news, work was miserable today. I had a headache and from the moment I walked in the door I was agitated. Thankfully it was truck day and there were plenty of boxes for me to kick around. I hope to post some more story ideas soon. I got some things brewing in the 'ole brain.


Thursday, October 1

It is October 1st. This day has a bit of significance. First, to me it means that fall has officially started (forget all that jive about the autumnal equinox). A cold front is currently passing through Florida, which means temps in the 70s instead of 90s. Hallelujah. Also, my birthday is 25 days away, which means this month starts the last year in my 20s. But I won't go there right now, we'll save the griping about getting old for next year :)

The real significance, though, is the reset of the NaNoWriMo forums. What does that mean? Well, it means that NaNo 2009 is officially here. People will start getting to know each other in the forums. Novel ideas will be bouncing around the boards. Pre-NaNo meet ups will commence. The massive clouds of brainstorm will be seen from all over the city. The excitement will build as November 1 approaches.

I am pumped.

In the mean time, I have so much math homework to do today. I may have to get my shift covered at work tomorrow. I hate taking the cut in pay, but school is priority 1. And I have to get into the habit of always thinking about or doing school work. Speaking of school work, I have some to do now.